our magpie

our magpie

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Amazing (and only!) Man in Our Family

I do not know that words could ever describe how wonderful a father and husband our Jeffrey is. He is just so what a daddy should be, it helps inspire me to be the best mom I can be. He values family so much and is so amazing in so many ways. It is hard to believe that once upon a time, before I met Jeffrey, that I was not 100% sure I wanted children and thought I would have maybe one child. I thought one child would be perfect. I could spoil it rotten, give it all my attention, all my time, I just knew that was how it would be.

Then enter Jeffrey.

When we first were dating I remember watching him with his twin nephews who were one year old at the time....I was just in awe of how sweet and loving and patient he was with them. And I knew. I knew what kind of daddy he would make and seeing him with children helped ease any fears that I ever had because I knew he would be there with me through everything.

And he has been. He has been there to hold me as all three of our girls entered this world. Through all the happy tears and through all the scared tears when Miss Maggie entered our life. And he knew then exactly what to do. He knew to hold me even tighter and told me it was all going to be okay. Whatever our future holds for Maggie or any of our sweet girls I know he will be right by my side, holding me and helping me get through whatever we have to face. He makes me feel so safe and so truly blessed.

And our sweet girls...I can not wait until they are old enough to know how truly lucky they are to have such an wonderful daddy. He loves his girls so much and shows them everyday. He is the kind of daddy that shows his love with tons of kisses and hugs and I love that so much about him. He was meant to be the daddy of girls. I just love watching him love them.

Thank you baby for giving me three beautiful girls and for making so many sweet memories for them by being so involved in their lives. One day in the way too soon future they will think back and talk about their daddy getting the ipod and "jumping on the jumper", eating your yummy quesidillas and scrambled eggs, lotioning them up after bath time and telling them about "Beauty the Great" at bedtime. All your girls love you to pluto 249x......Happy Father's Day.