our magpie

our magpie

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

miss maggie and her other man....

no, no...maggie and her man zeke are still going strong :) but other than zeke and her MAIN man (daddy of couse) the other man miss maggie loves is elmo! i'm telling you i believe she would watch sesame street ALL DAY long! she loves watching sesame street, all of it, but when elmo's world
comes on...her little face just lights up and her smile goes from ear to ear :)

i can't wait till she is a bit bigger and we will definitely be taking her to sesame street live in nashville...we took emme grace and rayley beth and they loved it, but i believe miss maggie is going to take the experience to a whole new level! i mean this girl LOVES elmo...cutest thing ever!

and i try not feel too bad letting her watch so much of her furry man, after all he IS a very good influence ;) he is always so happy and so polite and always has such a positive attitide. i remember when emme grace was 2-3 years old she would always refer to herself in 3rd person.... 'emme loves mommy' or ' emme is hungry'...it was so cute! and i think it was from watching elmo...because he always refers to himself in 3rd person...

'elmo loves you!' or 'elmo wants to know more about food!' or 'elmo will ask mr. noodle!'....

and my personal favorite... 'elmo has a question fooroorooroor you!'

so it will be so cute if magpie does the 3rd person thing just like emme grace....fingers crossed ;)

so i am STILL without a computer...but i wanted to share just a few pictures of miss maggie too cute not to share....

one afternoon miss maggie was wanting to go over and play with her big sisters in their room...which is a room all three girls share, and magpie thinks she is big stuff to play with her big sisters, but they had other plans ;)

they saw me bringing her over and all i heard was 'no mom! she'll mess everything up!' they were playing with teeny tiny playmobil, and yes, sometimes while maggie thinks she is just playing she is actually destroying everything her sisters have worked so hard to set up.

'put her in her crib mom!' ... so poor maggie got sentenced to her crib....and was quiet content for a while. playing with her sesame street legos that her sisters had so sweetly put together for her to just tear apart;) and then rayley beth would add random toys to try and keep maggie entertained...until she gets tired of everything and notices what her sisters are playing with looks way more interesting ;)

:: the sesame street gang proudly put together and displayed by the big sisters....in front of a really cool old window that looks out of the girls bedroom and into the stairwell, a really great find when i USED to go antique shopping ;)

:: magpie and her mouth full of pearly whites...our girl is cutting teeth #19 and #20! i mean seriously, is it possible to look at this picture and not smile :)

:: oh those painted piggies...which i have to do it while our girl is sleeping ;)

:: oh this sweet angel baby...how she has changed me in so many wonderful ways, magic i tell you. pure magic.

:: note how emme grace and rayley beth added what they thought each one needed...i mean who would make ernie without his ducky and bert without his pigeon? and like elmo goes anywhere without dorothy? oh how i smiled when i walked in and saw this....my oh-so-funny and very detail-oriented big girls;)

but no worries daddy and zeke...yes, your girl DOES love elmo, but you know you will always be maggie rae's favorite men of the non-furry variety ;)

:: happy wednesday :)