our magpie

our magpie

Friday, February 17, 2012

happy heart day :)

i know it is a little late for valentine' photos....and i know this poor blog has been terribly neglected . but life just keeps getting in the way ;) but i wanted to share these sweet pictures of our sweet girl. and share that she is finally taking steps! we waited 2 1/2 plus years for those steps...many, many happy tears were shed :)

so on with the cuteness.....

:: our girl's thing...to cover her mouth with her hands when she laughs. be. still. my. heart. i could not possibly love our magpie anymore :)

:: sweet treats for all of our wonderful therapists and teachers who we {heart} so much :)

:: my coupon book from emme grace that has coupons for 'one free drawing of anything i want', 'helping clean up' and 'unlimited hugs and kisses' ....my sweet, sweet mimi. and cupid's bottom, oh my. how stinkin cute ;)

:: happy, happy weekend :)