our magpie

our magpie

Thursday, October 13, 2011

beach baby

well we just got back from the beach...we enjoyed 7 beautiful sun-filled days just outside of seaside building sand sculptures, flying kites, riding bikes and enjoying an ocean so gorgeous it looked like we were on a tropical island . we usually don't stay a whole week and it was wonderful! we still weren't ready to come home.....but school and work awaited ;) so i just wanted to share a few pics, it will probably take a few posts to share everything i want or else this would be 'the post that never ends....the pics go on and on my friends!' i downloaded over 800 pictures that i have to go through :)

so on with our beach baby and her big sisters...

:: our miss maggie LOVES the beach ....can't you tell? she looks like a natural beach baby :)

:: love this picture...she just looks like a little cupie doll sitting on that blanket :)

:: our girl's new 'hoover postion' that our therapists are quite impressed with ;)

:: miss rayley beth who did not want to get in the water as much because of all the jellies... ( we heard some locals calling jellyfish 'jellies' and had to join in ;) ...one 'touched', not stung, just 'touched' her on the 4th day ;)

:: emme grace excited to get to the beach....the 'jellies' did not phase her ;)

:: our baby girl LOVED her daddy throwing her up and into the waves...magpie is quite the little dare devil ;)

:: this was the first time we have ever taken the bikes and miss maggie loved riding in her new seat...i mean like grinning from ear to ear the whole time loved it! and have you ever seen a cuter rider...i think not ;)

:: in seaside with baby sofia....my new niece a.k.a. the big girls new baby doll! maggie rae is finally getting over her big sisters giving another baby attention....pretty much ;)

so i will try and post more beach pics soon and share some recent pictures of the addition. it is coming along and our trip was just the break we needed to come back and get back to work on the house ;) we saw so many cute houses in seaside and rosemary to inspire us since we are going for that french-cottage-farmhouse-built-over-time-kinda-feel...can you picture it?

happy thursday :