our magpie

our magpie

Sunday, May 29, 2011

happy happy

hope you all are having as much fun in the sun this holiday weekend as miss maggie rae :)

:: our girl is one water baby....she DOES NOT want to get out of the water!

:: can't get much better than a naked little tushy splashing around ;)

:: miss rayley beth has not taken off her new swimsuit in the last 48 hours except to sleep....she said 'don't you think i look like a fashion model momma?'

:: happy memorial day weekend :)

Monday, May 16, 2011


two years ago we met our beautiful baby girl.

two years ago my big girls became the proudest big sisters i have ever seen.

two years ago i fell even more madly in love with jeffrey watching him love on miss maggie.

two years ago our little magpie completed our family in ways i did not even know possible.

two years ago we found out just how much magic is in that extra chromosome :)

two years ago miss maggie rae entered our lives and stretched our hearts and our faith.

two years ago we were blessed with your eyes that are like little windows straight into heaven.

two years ago HE blessed us with this perfect baby girl that is fearfully and wonderfully made.

two years ago this amazing journey began.....

....that i thank HIM for everyday.

two years ago your sisters started calling you 'sunshine'...and you have lived up to that name ever since.

two years ago you came into our lives with your infectious smile that makes everyone around you smile.

two years ago i watched your sweet little hands wrap around my finger...and now those same sweet little hands grab my cheeks to pull me in for kisses about 100 times a day :)

two years ago we welcomed you into this world.....

and into our hearts....

and i have never felt so blessed.

happy happy 2nd birthday to our love muffin.

Monday, May 9, 2011

random happy....

just wanted to share random little happy bits from the last couple of weeks....we have just been busy working on the house and doing stuff at school. i can't believe that we only have 12 full days left of school! i am so ready to just be at home with my girls :) so on with the happy.....

:: my baby girl getting ready to ride the mower with me...strapped very tightly to my chest in a front pack ;) .... how cute does she look in her protective ear wear!

:: and HUGE happy...our girl is finally drinking out of a straw after weeks of working with her with the honey bear cup! she went straight from nursing to the straw....she looks like such a big girl :)

:: cute little limber legs in tiny little leggings :)

:: magpie looking like she thinks she is such a big girl driving (okay actually just sitting) on her sister's gator ;)

:: our girl and one of her MANY cute little 'i know i'm a stinker but aren't i so cute?' facial expressions...

:: watching my big girl do the itsy-bitsy-spider with my baby girl :)

:: our drive home from the 'city' as the girls say....the beautiful green fields make me feel closer to heaven...

....i'll take being a country mouse over a city mouse anyday ;)

:: my big girls celebrating earth day at school....

:: the AMAZING art my big girls brought home last week from school....i {heart} their art teacher....how can you not smile when you look at that great big can of soup painted by one very artistic rayley beth?

:: our cute little 'portico'....(fancy schmancy word for tiny porch)... my jeffrey has been working on :)

:: .... slowly but surely ;)

:: my baby girl getting all loved-up by my big girls always makes my heart so happy :)

:: when i look at this face i feel like my heart may quiet possibly explode ;)

happy tuesday.....