our magpie

our magpie

Saturday, October 9, 2010

home sweet home

well we are home from the beach...trying to get back to some kind of routine before school starts back on monday. trying to do some of the laundry in the huge piles everywhere i have chosen to ignore for two days :) our big girls said that they were missing the beach the day we got home...but when i asked miss maggie if she was happy to be home she shook her head AND did the sign for yes, both for the first time! it was too funny!! our baby girl loved the beach but she is definitely happy to be home!

a few of my fav pics from the last couple of days at the beach...

our beach baby

miss rayley beth

emme grace in the huge hole she and rayley beth and jeffrey dug...actually rayley beth only helped about 5 minutes...it went like this :)....

rayley beth -- 'i'm done. i can't take it any more.'

emme grace--'here let's swap jobs. i'll dig and you scoop.'

rayley beth--'i don't want to swap. i don't want ANY job.'

emme grace is our busy worker bee. rayley beth...not so much:)

our funny girls having fun

those eyes...part bambi/part puppy dog/part angel...they melt my heart

sweet and shy rayley beth

our big girl emme grace

possible family christmas card photo...we only had to take about, oh i don't know, 40 or so to TRY to get everybody looking AND smiling!

our 3 little love muffins

our girl LOVES LOVES LOVES to swing!

miss maggie loved scribbling in the sand

so we all had a wonderful time taking miss maggie for her first trip to the beach...she loved it which i pretty much figured she would. our baby girl is so content and so happy...she would just play in the sand, wet or dry...or find her shadow...or watch her big sisters splashing around or building sand castles. she just adores her big sisters and loves to really take in every little thing that they do.

so a wonderful fall break but we have a busy week ahead..lots of therapies, field trip with miss rayley beth to the pumpkin patch and a hayride which will be our first chance to wear our new costumes! the girls are so excited...we have a butterfly, a witch and a skunk. can you guess which one miss maggie will be? ;)


  1. Oh, these make me want to slip away on a vacation to the beach right now with my girls. They would love it too...especially Aubrey...I can just see her sitting there doing the same things:)

  2. Do you edit your photos? Like the potential family Christmas photo?? The light is gorgeous!!

  3. patti, no i do not edit my photos...yet. i am saving to try and get either lightroom or photoshop. i am just a little intimidated and not sure how difficult editing will be, but i would love to play with my girls pics and do some fun stuff with them!!

  4. Love these pictures! I can't get over how big the girls are getting!!! Time goes by WAY too fast! Can't wait to see you all soon ;)

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! I've been following your blog for awhile, but I just now took a look at it. I follow so many blogs so it's hard to keep up sometimes :) I saw your comment on Patti's blog and came over here to take a look. I love your pictures, and I hope to get a 50D one day. Right now, I have a Canon Rebel XS. You girls are so beautiful! My little sister is almost a year old and she has Down syndrome too!
    You can check out my blog by clicking on my name :)
    God Bless: Ashley

  6. So beautiful and sweet!!! Perfect song for the pictures!!! I love the way you describe their personalities. Happy Fall to you!

  7. Hi Patsy! I am so glad you commented on our blog. I forgot your blog address and couldn't get here and couldn't figure out which post you had commented on before to get it either. Yay! I cannot tell you how much I oohed and aawed over these posts and photos that I missed. Your girls are so beautiful. You can just see how sweet they are through the pics! And I can't get over how gorgeous each one of these pics is!! I am so glad you all got to get away! I hope we get to see you all soon. After M's party, Derek kept talking about what a nice guy Jeff is...I am sure you agree! I am adding you to my blog list so I don't "lose" you again;)


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