our magpie

our magpie

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

random happy....

yes, i know it had been FOREVER but we are still here! i have been without my laptop for over 3 weeks now...looks like we are going to be buying a new one :( soooo, i wanted to share just a few pics of the many i have. hopefully i will be getting a new and FAST computer in the next few days :)

we have just been busy staying home swimming and working on the addition...and starting school! i can't believe our summer is over :(

:: miss maggie LOVES playing in the sand at our 'backyard beach'....also known as all of the leftover sand from our brick mortar :)

:: our oh-so-limber girl :)

:: sweet little twinkle eyes


:: love looking over and seeing all of the pet shop animals lined up on the side of the pool because my big girls figured out they had magnets in them (apparently the animals were taking a break from all of their swimming and boat riding :) oh my sweet big girls and their wonderful imagination...how i love to listen to them play :)

:: miss maggie swipped the boat that the pet shop animals had been cruising in ;)

:: and the addition....slowly but surely ;)

:: LOVE the new little foyer covered in cedar shingles that jeffrey has nailed on one. at. a. time....

so i really have missed blogging .....sitting down and going through pictures and remembering those special little things that happened that day. this is the longest i have ever gone and it has helped me see just how much i love it. and how much i have missed keeping up with reading all of your blogs that i love. so HOPEFULLY i will be posting my next blog from a nice new computer ;)

:: happy thursday :)