our magpie

our magpie

Saturday, November 27, 2010

our buddy walk...finally!

i know i said i would post some pics from our buddy walk about a month ago.....but better late than never, right? it was our magpie's first buddy walk here in nashville,tn and it was truly a beautiful day. not only was the weather amazing...like 75 degrees and sunny, but just celebrating the love we have for our girl and all the others blessed with that magic chromosome :) i did not try to get together a big team since this was her first year we really wanted to go and see really just what it was all about . it was really just a TON of people (they said this year was the biggest ever with over 2,000 people registered!) there to walk in celebration of all of these sweet souls. they did also have a few blow up jumpy things ...(that the big sisters liked of course) and a fun fifties kinda band. and everybody had huge picnics set up to feed their 'team'... luckily we carried a picnic for our smallish team of 9 because we thought there might be food there, but the only food was cotton candy and popcorn! but we had a great time and got to talk to other families and will definitely be doing it next year and taking along several more of miss maggie's adoring fans now that we know what it is all about :) so on with the pics....

miss maggie ready to 'walk'...or actually be pushed in her comfy stroller like the little princess that she is :)

our team there to show love and support for our girl

little miss limber...this is how she always rides in her stroller, sits in her highchair, sleeps...

mag's sign that me and the big sisters made

miss maggie getting her medal at the finish line from a member of the vanderbilt girl's basketball team

the beautiful centennial park where the walk was held

our girl signing 'eat' as soon as she saw the food coming out :)

the big sisters had to make a leaf pile to jump in before we left...and i wasn't sure how miss maggie would feel about the crinkly leaves, but she LOVED it!

miss emme grace observing the ducks that were also enjoying the beautiful day ...and all of the extra people there to feed them :)

rayley beth..the one who can ALWAYS make her baby sister laugh and laugh ...

our sweet and funny girl :)

the view out our den windows the morning of the walk...talk about a wonderful way to start a wonderful day :)

so it really was an amazing thing to be a part of...yet another thing to be grateful for that we may have never gotten to experience had it not been for our sweet maggie. you could literally feel all of the love that all of the parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters and friends have for all of these sweet angels that bless us with that little bit of magic ;)


  1. How beautiful!!! Your photos are amazing!! And you children , well I've said it before but seriously they are gorgeous! What a perfect day you all had!!!

  2. Beautiful. I love her sweet face. And those precious, protective big sisters? They make me cry! What a sweet family you have.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a great time :)

  4. So glad you stumbled across my blog! Your pictures are beautiful as is your little girl! I love the picture of her eating the leaf! I look forward to following your family!

  5. Can't wait to get to be a part of it next year! How sweet of Olivia and Samantha to participate. Good job, as usual :) Love you!

  6. Hello!! First time visitor here at your blog, I LOVE IT! your pictures are amazing, your daughter is captivating. I plan on coming back soon. My grady is 9 months with Down Syndrome, he is pure joy!

  7. Your girls are soooooooooo beautiful!!!! I miss Nashville and enjoyed seeing the scenes of the park. The way you describe your family is so heart-warming, and your pictures are awesome!! Maggie's smile is breathtaking.

  8. OMG your daughters are GORGEOUS ..
    it looks like you guys had a lovely walk.. what a special day for your little girl :)


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