our magpie

our magpie

Monday, July 18, 2011

here comes the .....flower girl :)

well i know it has been about ten forevers since i posted, we have just been so busy enjoying summer! i have about a zillion pictures from the past few weeks that i want to share but i had to start with the ones of our magpie as, i must say, the cutest flower girl that ever was!

...miss maggie was waving and clapping as she was pulled down the aisle in a beautiful white wagon....i was so proud of our girl! i must admit i thought our bashful girl would quite possibly lay down and hide her head (which she does ALOT!)... but she did AMAZING!

:: the beautiful bride libby and emme grace....who caught the bouquet!

:: it was so stinkin cute how our girl had to get around! she figured out a way to crawl even in layers of tulle ;)

:: my beautiful sisters susie and tina....i am one of three girls and i had three girls :) my sisters have always been such a blessing in my life and i know my girls will feel the same about each other .....

so thank you libby for letting miss maggie rae be such a special part of your big day, so many memories we will treasure forever......

and i will try and find time to go through all the pictures of playdates and swimming and progress on the addition and share soon....

happy monday :)


  1. Oh My Goodness!! How precious! She looked adorable!!

    What a great picture of you and your sisters!

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures!!!

  3. She is the cutest flower girl!

  4. So beautiful!! That first pic is the best. She is the most precious flower girl I have ever seen!! -erin


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