our magpie

our magpie

Friday, February 17, 2012

happy heart day :)

i know it is a little late for valentine' photos....and i know this poor blog has been terribly neglected . but life just keeps getting in the way ;) but i wanted to share these sweet pictures of our sweet girl. and share that she is finally taking steps! we waited 2 1/2 plus years for those steps...many, many happy tears were shed :)

so on with the cuteness.....

:: our girl's thing...to cover her mouth with her hands when she laughs. be. still. my. heart. i could not possibly love our magpie anymore :)

:: sweet treats for all of our wonderful therapists and teachers who we {heart} so much :)

:: my coupon book from emme grace that has coupons for 'one free drawing of anything i want', 'helping clean up' and 'unlimited hugs and kisses' ....my sweet, sweet mimi. and cupid's bottom, oh my. how stinkin cute ;)

:: happy, happy weekend :)


  1. So, so beautiful! And how awesome about taking steps - that's GREAT news!! :-)

    Happy belated Valentine's Day to you all, too.

  2. As always fabulous photos!!!!

    YAY for the steps!!!!! Woo Hoo! Thrilled to celebrate with you!

  3. That's so exciting she is taking steps!!!! She is so darn cute, love these pics :)

  4. this is a long way back on your blog, but felt called to tell you how sweet and very special your little one must be. Lucky you!


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