our magpie

our magpie

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shadows, Smiles and Swimming

Miss Maggie's shadow....her new discovery that is sooo stinkin cute! Our girl discovered her shadow a few weeks ago and is just amazed by it. She will find it then start to wiggle her left hand..then her right hand..then for fun she decided to try wiggling her foot...

"Hey...everything moves when I move!"

...it is just too sweet for words. She is so amazed and just takes in every wonderful little miracle that we sometimes forget to stop and notice...

...when you stop to think about it a shadow IS a pretty amazing thing. I just love that our Maggie helps remind us everyday of all God's wonderful little miracles.

And our girl's smile...well it just comes from somewhere deep down in her sweet little soul...

...it is not possible to witness her smile and not smile...

...what a wonderful world it would be if everyone had our Magpie's sweet 'make your heart so happy smile'. Cause when she gives you a smile you know the girl takes her smiles serious!

Miss Maggie with her 'man'....Zeke! How cute are they together!!!

And swimming...my how our girl loves the water!!! All three of our girls have always loved the water...our three little waterbabies. But Maggie takes loves the water to a whole new level! Seriously, the girl LOVES the water!

As soon as she gets in the pool she just starts kicking like a little frog...I think if I were brave enough to turn her loose she would just take off swimming underwater!

We are definetly enjoying what is left of summer...but so looking forward to Fall!


  1. These are such precious pictures! Your family is beautiful! So glad you found my blog so I could in turn find you and your sweet lil Maggie. I love all your girls names by the way ;)

  2. Patsy I finally remembered to get on the computer and look at the pictures, they are awesome- they always make me smile.
    P.S. Glad ya"ll came last night, we had a great time.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your daughters are gorgeous, and the pictures of Maggie and her shadow- priceless!
    I have a blog specifically for Lily (Notes from Home is my family blog)...I'd love for you to stop by - it's babynumber10.blogspot.com
    Looking forward to reading more about your girls now!!

  4. Oh Patsy! She is just so precious...I could just eat her sweet face up...as are your other girls! I loved talking with you at Mark's party and look forward to seeing you again and would love to see Maggie Rae! My how she has grown...and you are so right, that smile is infectious!!


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