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our magpie

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

labor day + lake = love

well we finally made it to the lake this labor day which was miss maggie rae's first trip. last summer i just thought she was way too tiny, i never tried the smallest life jacket on her but i feel sure it would have swallowed her whole! and i guess i have not been in a big hurry to get her on the boat this summer either, just feeling like the momma bear protecting her cub! we took emme grace out for her first time when she was only 5 months old...but i guess i have been just a little more worried how maggie rae would handle everything.... the loud motor, the very uncomfy life jacket, the wind ...but as you can see.....

i had absoltely nothing to worry about! our baby girl LOVED the lake! i should have known, our other girls loved it the first time and everytime after...but i can't help but worry a little more about miss maggie...but she continues everyday to prove to us she is just as willing and able to do everything her sisters do!

'this is the biggest pool i have ever seen!'

she was such a trooper..she loved riding, swimming, watching her big sisters doing all their fancy moves in the tubes and on the kneeboard....

'little miss splash-a-lot!'

emme grace showing us what she's got! (i think maggie was VERY impressed!)

miss rayley beth shortly before losing a tooth...she jumped off the dock and came up saying she had a rock in her mouth that she spit out! we thought 'what?' until i noticed the blood on her lip and checked it out and she had one less tooth! so we had to make a note for the tooth fairy explaining that 'her tooth was at the bottom of the lake but please leave me a dollar anyway?!' of course the tooth fairy understood and left the loot!

"hey, my shadow followed me all the way to the lake!'

playing her game with poppi that is their special thing!

too much excitement...had to have a little catnap!

so even though i was reminded how much work it is to go to the lake, it also made me remember the special memories that we are making for our girls...i know one day in the too near future they will think back and talk about all of the fun times that we had as a family at the lake. i know they are still some of my best memories with my sisters from how many years ago!? so....hopefully next summer we will get the boat out before labor day for our three little water babies!


  1. I almost hyperventilated when I saw her pigtails!!! That is by far the cutest, sweetest, precious, most adorable thing!!

  2. Hi Miss Maggie. It is so nice to meet you. I love your ducky suit. It is very cute. You are adorable.

  3. Your daughters are beautiful! Thanks for finding my blog! I can't wait to get to know your girls better!

  4. I am in love with your baby girl. Seriously, it makes me cry just looking at how sweet and beautiful she is- I can't wait til Lily is that age!!


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