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our magpie

Saturday, January 22, 2011

the maggie and zeke show

well miss maggie finally got to see her man zeke! maggie and zeke have been 'going steady' for over a year now! we met him and his wonderful mom sandi at project help in october 2009. it is a program here where we started out going one hour every friday and when our little ones turned 15 months we started going 2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours each day. so sandi and i get to visit and watch miss maggie and zeke from an observation room hidden behind a two-way mirror....(the kiddos do better when they can't see their mommies they say!) so we watch them all play and sing and dance....and also work in a bit of therapy, and they will put maggie one-on-one with a typical child close to her in age and try to get miss maggie to mimic whatever the typical child is doing. it is a wonderful program and we feel truly blessed that we are a part of it!

so we normally see our man once or twice a week but because of Christmas break and maggie being sick and zeke being sick...well we have not seen them in a month and missed zeke and sandi terribly! so we FINALLY had our playdate at our house for maggie and zeke to exchange Christmas gifts!

so we opened gifts and maggie showed zeke all of her new toys from santa and a little kissing went on! so on with the explosion of cuteness....

:: maggie's gift to zeke (and herself!)...these adorable knit hats! thanks patti for telling us about krinner-creations!

'wonder what my girl got me?'

:: you can see why we immediately claimed zeke as miss maggie's man...he is a DOLL!

'aw zeke...how thoughtful! a new toy to go on my stroller! you are so sweet!'

maggie and zeke's gingerbread people we had to decorate for project help....they had all of the children's hanging up in the hall it was so fun to look at everyone's! i think they look just like the real maggie and zeke :)

zeke-a-roo and maggie-moo :)

'no-no zeke, let me just take that from you!'

where maggie go? there she is!

my wonderful aunt fay made this dress for miss maggie...it is too cute!

zeke loved miss maggie's new peg toy she got for Christmas as much as she does!

magpie giving zeke kisses....they had a lip on lip kiss earlier that i didn't catch on film! maggie was going for zeke's cheek and he turned his head at the last minute for some lip action! that sly devil ;)

'awww maggie...you look so cute in your hat!'

playing in the house...practicing for later! notice zeke is working in the 'kitchen'...i knew he was a good guy ;)

so sandi and randy and zeke (and his 6 brothers and 1 sister!) are just another blessing we have received since having our sweet girl. we have met so many wonderful families and therapists and teachers we may have never met if not for miss maggie...oh what a wonderful journey.

oh and by the way zeke...emme grace said you HAVE to get married now because you kissed on. the. lips. and emme grace thinks you cannot kiss on the lips until you are married! gonna keep her thinking that for as long as possible ;)


  1. They are soooo stinkin' cute! I'm over the moon for our friendship! =)

    Sandi (the mom of Zeke)

  2. Maggie, you sure do know how to pick em! Zeke is definitely a cutie just like I've been hearing! So cute!
    Tina (proud aunt of Miss Maggie)

  3. Oh Miss Maggie, you look FABULOUS in your new hat!! Love all the photos- and the song playing, LOL!! Give that girl a hug from Lils:)

    NO WAY- I just went to type in the word verification and get this- it was PRUDE!!! hahahaha too funny:)

  4. That is a whole lot of cuteness in one playdate. I think Zeke is a keeper Maggie! =)

  5. What a fun play date! They are so cute together. And those hats are just precious!

  6. Too cute! I love that Etsy store ... I sent the link for that owl hat to my sister a few days ago, too cute!


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