our magpie

our magpie

Sunday, February 20, 2011

here we go....

well anyone who has been reading a while has heard me talk about our carriage house...that we thought we would be in a year or two and then start building the house. well that year or two has turned into 9ish, but that's the way it worked out. for me to be able to be home with our girls we have had to make a few sacrifices, one being putting off the addition. but it really hasn't been bad being a bit cramped in our 2 bedrooms and 1200 square feet. i feel like it has kept our little family close and i always know where my babies are :) but i am very excited to announce .....the addition is finally underway!! i must say one of the main things i am excited about is not carrying groceries up 19 stairs and laundry down 19 stairs! so i will post with our progress...and i must warn you the first bit will go much quicker since we are getting help with the foundation and framing, but after that we will take over finishing the rest which is what we did with our carriage house. so that will go much slower...but hopefully not to slow ;)

:: on day two we saw it would be very wise to invest in the lovely porta potty...just we track in enough much less adding a whole bunch of men coming in and out ;)

:: a block wall has made the perfect setting for, as rayley beth says, a game called 'don't fall in the slime pit'! my funny and creative girls :)

:: and the girls are loving the big mountains of dirt and rock everywhere to play on. they will probably be sad to see them go. me, not so much ;)

:: oh how our girl loves her daddy....and how he loves his girls :)

:: our big girls loving playing outside in our 60 degree weather ....

...and now miss maggie is big enough to get in on the fun on the trampoline :)

:: watching my big girls love on my baby girl...oh my happy heart :)

and a few other cute pics from this weekend....

:: our girl is getting so big pulling up on everything! her sisters used to put whatever it was they were playing with on the coffee table to keep it out of reach from their baby sister...but those days are over! magpie says 'i wanta play too guys!'

:: rayley beth and emme grace were playing with these little horses and rayley beth decided she needed to make a farmer (and apparently his whole family) to take care of the livestock! i just LOVE the little people my girls come up with :)

so i will keep everyone posted on our renovation...right now it seems a little overwhelming but also very exciting. i keep reminding myself to just take it one day at a time. like with miss maggie things may take a little longer ....but it makes it so much sweeter when it happens :)


  1. Patsy, so excited you're getting your addition started!! Love the beautiful pictures.


  2. So exciting!!! It will be fun to watch the progress! Your girls are so darling and so creative...I love all of the games they come up with!

  3. WOW how exciting, can't wait to see it as it progresses! Love all the pics of the girls, they are adorable!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos, absolutely gorgeous girls. :-) Good luck with the renovation! It sounds exciting!

  5. I just LOVE it when you have a new post. Your pictures are to DIE for. Your house and its surroundings are just beautiful and those girls, come on now!! I can't wait to see how your new addition looks with all of your gorgeous decorating!

  6. how exciting indeed. I think your home looks absolutely beautiful and I look forward to seeing how you are going to decorate the addition!! Your family is precious and I hope my girls love each other the ways yours do. You are a good mama!!!


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