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our magpie

Thursday, March 3, 2011

spring dreaming....

so we have been really busy the past few days...field trips and open house at the girls school. pajama day and dr. suess day. but not busy with the addition :( unfortunately rain has put everything on hold for now, but hopefully walls will be going up in a few days. after lots of rain we were so happy to see some sunshine on tuesday, so the girls and i enjoyed the afternoon at my parents playing outside and watching miss maggie enjoy her new treat...suckers. or lollypops. whatever you prefer. but our girl doesn't care what name this new treat goes by, she is just in love :)

:: all done :)

:: ahhh, signs of spring everywhere!! don't you just love buttercups? it is such a happy flower...it is my second favorite flower. a very close runner-up to tulips :)

:: my beautiful big girls enjoying a beautiful day :)

:: my beautiful baby girl and her angel eyes

and then we had fun one night making our first homemade pizza...or kinda homemade ;) we were at publix and the girls saw the big ball of raw pizza dough and our chicken tenders from the deli dinner plan kinda went out the window. but the girls had fun making it and they said it was 'the best pizza crust they ever had'. i think their pride in their hard work made it taste that much better :)

and random cute from the week....rayley beth was sitting their baby dolls on our steps (the steps are the stadium seating for the dolls to watch the girls put on shows in their room ;) and i saw her working really hard trying to get the arms just right on one of the dolls. i asked her what she was doing....

'i'm trying to make her look bossy. she's the oldest... so she is the boss.'

wonder where she might have heard that....perhaps from miss emme grace who happens to be the oldest ?

:: i think she does look quite bossy ;)

:: emme grace's horse...it is impossible to look at that cute little jockey on that horse with that big behind and not smile :)

:: and rayley beth explained that this is her when she is a 'teenager and married with her husband, her baby, her daughter and her son. he is playing soccer (actually looks like volleyball) and he got hurt. notice the pool of blood and the tears... it must be a pretty bad injury ;) also note her black nail polish .. .. she always draws herself with black nail polish when she is a grown up because i tell her she can't wear black nail polish until she is a grown up :) and love her bracelet with charms of all her children....

:: this picture makes my heart so happy...

happy happy weekend :)


  1. Your kids are so beautiful. The sisterly love just springs from the pictures!

  2. Haha! I love that Rayley Beth is a TEENAGER and married with 3 kids. Too cute!

  3. I love love love this post. The girls can draw really good (much better than I ever could) hehe. See you all next week!!!!


  4. Ahh such beautiful picture at the end! I also adore the picture of the buttercup and the rain boots! I am SOOOO ready for spring. Our spring flowers have just broken through so I am really hoping we are headed that way. Thanks for sharing your family!! Happy Weekend to you all!

  5. What beautiful pictures and girls!! I love the pictures wiht the "suckers"...so cute!!

  6. Awesome pics and the "bossy" dolly and big bottomed horse crack me up!

  7. You take the most amazing pictures...guess it's easy when you have such cute subjects though! :)

  8. Oh what a fun post!!! So much beauty!!!!


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