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our magpie

Monday, March 14, 2011

rain, rain go away....

well we finally saw the sun this weekend which was a very welcome sight after many gloomy, rainy days. i know spring is the season for rain but it seems as we are getting even more than usual this year! so framing will hopefully start tomorrow...they are unloading the lumber as i type :) but there is a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow, so we will see.... just busy with school functions and painting the existing part of the carriage house while we had some sun. so really just some random pictures i haven't posted. sadly my hands have been busy holding a paintbrush....not a lap top ;)

:: my sweet girl has been spending alot of time getting those little legs stronger standing up at her activity cube her daddy made her for Christmas...

:: miss maggie in her cute piggies :)

:: my sweet girl and her sweet smile...

two of our girl's favorite things right now...making a mess (she emptied emme grace's project) and sitting 6 inches from the tv and watching blue's clues :)

and we also attended a wedding. the q & u wedding to be exact. rayley beth's kindergarten class had all the parent's attend the wedding and the reception, complete with cake, mints, nuts and punch of course ;)

all of the girls wore a letter u veil and carried tissue paper bouquets. and all the boys were dressed in their best and wore q bowties. they walked down the isle and the letters q & u were vowed to always stay together, for the sake of all 'qu' words. and at the end of the cute ceremony the pastor said 'q and u i now you pronounce you 'qu'...you may high-five your bride!'

it was so cute and they will always remember that q doesn't go anywhere without u :)

:: our beautiful bride....rayley beth and lila....the wedding program miss rayley made, that is herself she drew on the back of what she would look like on her wedding day....and all of the grooms, my don't they look so handsome?

:: rayley beth getting ready to go down the aisle...i started tearing up thinking about the day she really goes down the aisle

:: and the house. decisions, decisions....bringing home lots of brick samples (this brick that is new made to look old is my favorite so far) and painting sample colors all over the house....

:: what we have painted so far....i wanted to go darker so we went from a khaki to a deeper brownish-taupe color. i like it SO much better :)

:: the scaffolding where jeffrey and i have been painting from. i was on the very top. scared, but up there :)

so hopefully i will have pics of walls going up next post if it will stop raining long enough ;)

happy, rainy monday :)


  1. Loved the wedding. How cute was that? And Miss Maggie and her smile, makes me smile. Love the color you picked and of course Mr. Mraz in the background singing. Happy visit for me!

  2. Looking good on the house! I agree that this rain needs to take more than just a days break, but all of our trees and flowers will show the benefits soon :) It would make such a lovely place for a baby shower....if you ever needed to do that ;) Martha may even post it in her magazine! Hee hee!

    LoVe You!!!


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