our magpie

our magpie

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a cowgirl, a butterfly and one cute little stinker....

is it really november 2nd? i am not sure where the time goes. i know my poor little blog has been so neglected....but life seems to keep getting in the way ;) seems like we are always so busy between miss maggie's therapies, school and homework for emme grace and rayley beth and then trying to keep up with the everyday stuff.... then throw in trying to work on the addition. i have been falling asleep WAY to early and can't seem to work in enough time in front of my laptop!

so i am feeling really bad that i did not post more during october, which WAS (emphasis on was ;) down syndrome awareness month. and i definitely want to spread awareness of just how much miss maggie rae has blessed our lives. everytime i post i hope that our girl affects someone in a postive way....that it helps someone see all the 'wonderfullness' that comes with that magic chromosome :)

so i have lots to share...but i thought i would start with halloween pics. i would hate to be posting those after thanksgiving ;)

:: love. love. love.... this sweet girl even when she is a little stinker ;)

:: LOVE the white fur mohawk our little skunk was sporting ;)

:: our gorgeous cowgirl/horse-lover/want to be a veteranarian emme grace

:: our beautiful butterfly rayley beth

....oh how i {heart} these three baby girls

:: girl's cute halloween art that has already come down :(

:: this cute little girls reminds me of magpie's tiny little pigtails... and of how my big girls USED to have tiny little pigtails :(

:: this funny little witch that makes me smile has also gone away for another year....every time i would unlock the door i would picture her saying 'how bout a little smooch sweetie?' in a high-pitched witchy-like voice ....followed by a cackle, of course ;)

happy wednesday :)


  1. Such BEAUTIFUL girls, and fantastic costumes!! Love these photos. And not having enough time to blog because you're spending time with your family? That's quite okay!! :-)

  2. Glad you are back...I missed my photos of little Miss Maggie Rae!

    Kelli @livinglifewithes.blogspot.com

  3. I just asked Annie about you and then here you are! So glad life is just busy and good. I missed your pictures of those beautiful girls!


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