our magpie

our magpie

Thursday, November 17, 2011

a girl, her man...and a house

i had to share some pics i took of miss maggie and her man zeke on a playdate we had a couple of weeks ago....

:: i mean seriously...could they be any cuter? i think not ;)

:: woo-hoo...look at us standing!

oh how i {heart} this little sweet angel-baby face :)

:: magpie's excited face that she does all the time {love}

:: giving mr. owl kisses,or as our sweet girl just started saying as she leans in to give you a big wet one 'tiss'....cutest thing ever! i didn't think her kisses could get any sweeter but being followed by her saying 'tiss'..oh my :)

i know this is nothing compared to all that cuteness you just took in...but i have been saying i would show some more recent pictures of the addition ;) it is coming along slow but steady....but the outside is finally getting CLOSE to being done! that was the goal anyway, and then we can work on the inside over the winter months.....

:: we finally have enough painting done that we rented a bobcat to move some dirt around the house...

:: even though we aren't using any of the new space i could not resist decorating the cute new portico once all the shingles were up....

:: i spent many a weekend mornings on ladders painting while everyone else was sleeping ;) this is the new master bath where an old clawfoot tub that we found in our barn will be refinished and sit....i can't wait to sit in that tub and soak, one day!

:: emme grace could not wait to help jeffrey drive the bobcat...our little worker :)

:: miss rayley was more interested in perfecting her cartwheel than driving the bobcat ;)

i also have some pics from our buddywalk....another beautiful day just like last year and this year we got to walk with lots of family and friends that were there to support our girl. but the bed is calling me since we have to be at school at 7:45 for a thanksgiving brunch and to watch miss emme grace in a play that she is very excited about ;) so i will be back to share those soon....

happy weekend :)


  1. I love all the pics. Congrats on the addition progress.. YOU will make it look gorgeous. I love the dress on Maggie Rae!! :) Happy thanksgiving, my TN blogging friend.

    Sarah from www.thequeensofthekingfamily.blogspot.com

  2. I love the pics of Maggie, her hair is getting so long and it looks adorable in pigtails...can't wait to give Emily some pigtails again! Your house is looking AMAZING! Can't wait to see the inside and how you end up decorating it!

  3. Great pics. Can't believe how big Maggie is getting! Super cute!

  4. Beautiful pictures. I love the thought of her 'tiss' too!

    Your home is coming along nicely! And your big girls, driving a bobcat?! Good sumersaults? Wow!

  5. First time visit to your Blog. Your children are so adorable. I am so glad to hear you were blessed with Maggie. I love the dress she wore on her play date. Did you happen to see the new Down Syndrome doll by Kristy Leigh? http://www.reborndollsbykristy.com/. She makes adorable babies - but this is her first Down Syndrome.

    I got your link from DaisyMaeBelle. You guys are unbelievable what you have done to make a home. God bless you and your family.


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