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Thursday, December 16, 2010

...tennessee snow

this past sunday we went to the annual Christmas party for the down syndrome association of middle tennessee held a vanderbilt children's hospital...we were excited to go since last year miss maggie was sick this was our first time to go. they had a santa claus and some art tables for the kids and finger foods...the big girls had fun just going somewhere new and different and we got to talk to some other families. but there was not near as big a crowd as usual they said because of the 'snowstorm'. in tennessee it doesn't take much snow to freak everyone out about driving, so when it started snowing on our way there we passed several cars that had slid off of the interstate. so we did not hang around too long because we knew the drive back home , which is about an hour , would be a long and slow ride! but i wanted to share a few pics of this wonderful hospital we feel so blessed to live near.

the entire 9th floor is the down syndrome clinic we visit yearly with miss maggie where in one place we can see therapists, ent, etc...it is a wonderful, magical hospital definitely designed with little people in mind. all the vibrant colors and whimsical, winding staircases and red wagons in the halls that pass 6 foot tall frogs with bellies glowing because they are full of fireflies don't you know? so feel very blessed to have such a wonderful place so near ....but also praying we do not ever need it (for anything other than our yearly check-ups that is ;)

:: the big sisters on the beautiful stair case

:: the amazing children's art in the hallways

:: our sweet girls

:: the entire hospital was decorated too cute for Christmas! eight foot tall 'happy' nutcrackers were everywhere!

:: this amazing 'butterfly wall' was around a stage where they put on various programs...

:: the big girls enjoying the place to themselves because there was NO ONE ELSE there! when it starts to snow in tennessee the only place you see anyone at is kroger's stocking up on groceries...ya know, because were snowed in, even if it is only an inch ;)

:: emme grace showing miss maggie the picture she made for her...in case you can't read it, it says 'i love maggie '....the big sisters are so sweet. maggie is one lucky girl :)

:: another shot of the beautiful staircase...

:: the view from inside looking out at all the snow as we were leaving...and for the south, that IS alot of snow!

:: don't you just want to eat her up ;)

:: when we arrived home we found (GASP) snow! the girls were playing in the snow in the dark!

:: snow at our house is a rare sight...so you have to grab the camera, go out in your pajamas and try to take pictures while you are shaking because it was FREEZING!

:: and just to make you smile...rayley beth's picture she drew on our snow day! that is rayley beth on the right listening to her ipod...emme grace in the middle with a dinosaur on her head (because she loves dinosaurs right now)... and at the top that is candy andy, our elf on a shelf and our bird. we do have candy andy...we don't have a bird. but apparently rayley beth wants one :)

now off to check on olga and see what secret patti has been hiding...hoping that this sweet angel has found a forever home :)


  1. That hospital looks really familiar ;) It is indeed a great place made just for kids but you don't want to HAVE to be there. What a blessing to have close to us though. I'm a little partial !

  2. So sweet. I didn't realize Vanderbilt hospital was so grand for kids. It makes me proud of Vanderbilt...now if they can just get a football coach!! ha...your home is beautiful, and I love the girls' dresses.

  3. Wow, those are amazing decorations! I especially love the nutcrackers, and all the framed art!

  4. merry christmas! art in the hallways...beautiful!
    your family is stunning.


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