our magpie

our magpie

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

holiday happenings...

well we are trying to recover from our past few days and just wanted to share a few pics from the days before Christmas. i would have posted before now but...we have been busy trying to catch up where 4 of our 5 were sick days before Christmas!! everyone except miss maggie (thank goodness!) got the throwing up every 30 minutes bug...it was awful! but i kept thinking everytime one of us would run to the bathroom 'atleast we are getting it out of the way before santa!' so....here are some pics of things the girls and i did getting ready for santa....

:: the girls working on this really cute felt garland kit by alex that was too cute and so easy!

:: here it is all finished in their room....

:: every year we do a gingerbread house...can't wait till magpie is big enough to help!

:: miss rayley beth putting the finishing touches on santa's cookies

:: miss maggie's contribution to the cookies...official sprinkle-taste-tester!

:: emme grace's note to santa...and yes it says 'hope you ingay the cokes'... of course she meant enjoy and cookies... it was a good try though!

:: the big girls dreaming over everything playmobil that they want santa to bring...

:: trying to finish up decorating...

:: and miss maggie was a perfect little angel while all of our crafting and baking was going on...just observing from her high chair....

...oh how much i love this little face ;)

so i will be back to share more pics from Christmas day when i don't have big girls ready to eat and a little girl who's waiting on momma to play....but it was a great day. emme grace said 'this has been the best Christmas ever!' , and i would have to agree. it was a wonderful Christmas. and we have so many more to look forward to. so blessed to get to experience the wonder and the magic all over through your child's eyes....how great is that?


  1. Love your post and LOVE your pictures! Beautiful family!

  2. The pic of Maggie is GREAT!Sooooo adorable

  3. Oh my goodness, what precious pictures! Love that felt garland, might have to look for that next year. I am always looking for creative things for my kiddos to do. Your tree is fabulous and so are the rest of your decorations. I am so doing the garland with pictures on our bed next year!! Thanks for sharing and glad to hear that all of you are feeling better.

  4. you know patsy, if i didn't know better, i would think i stumbled upon a magazine here..seriously, your house, your girls, your pictures- it is all so magical. And that tree!!! the prettiest one i ever saw! I love coming here and seeing all that your family is up to. i take it back- it's BETTER than a magazine!! oxPatti

  5. Love these pics! Thank you for sharing with us!

  6. Been a loooong time, is everyone ok?

  7. Congratulations... I became a mum after many years of trying.. I gave birth to my two twin boys and since then I realised how amazing life is... I love your blog and most importantly, I love your courage and your family... Beautiful girls... Congratulations...


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