our magpie

our magpie

Sunday, October 3, 2010

beach baby

well we are in florida for our baby girl's first beach trip and i think our magpie is going to love the sand and surf as much as her big sisters! today started out really chilly but warmed up into the 80's after lunch...just perfect .

our three beach babies :)

so we have a had a day of a whole lot of beach....a little bit of pool because it was FREEZING....then driving to grayton beach to TRY to go to red bar to eat their yummy manicotti but there was a very LOUD live band in a very tiny place and over an hour wait which does not work well with three little ones who have had a long day at the beach, so... we went to baytowne wharf to eat pizza and bar-b-q and ride the carousel until we were all too cold to do anything else other than go back to our warm and cozy room and get ready to do it all over tomorrow. including going back to red bar, but this time we will getting there at 5 o'clock BEFORE the live band starts to play :) but we cannot be in florida and not have that manicotti! it is making my mouth water thinking about it!!

our two big girls were the only ones brave enough to get in the freezing cold pool!!

emme grace trying to ride the very small waves :)

i can't think of anything much cuter than baby feet digging in the sand!

the girls always ask to go to 'the big chair' in baytowne wharf so we always have to take our picture...but can you tell how this year we are all FREEZING!!! so the last picture we have of our family in this chair was two years ago this month and i had a very tiny maggie rae growing inside me and did not even know it. i was about 6 weeks pregnant and i remember getting home from florida and doing a pregnancy test and finding out and going into shock because it was not planned and i thought our family was complete. i remember crying and jeffrey calling and me telling him and him asking why i was crying. i said it just was not what we had planned and rolled off a list reasons why i was scared like money, where would we put a new baby, and i was worried about my health and the baby's health because of my age (38 at the time). and i am now sorry and ashamed to say but one of the things that worried me was i knew the increased chance of down syndrome. but my sweet husband said i did not need to worry about anything other than my health and the baby's health and everything else would work itself out, a new baby was something to be happy about. so he made me feel so much more positive about it and i became excited thinking that GOD had a plan. well, little did i know but HE had a great plan! because fast forward two years and when i see pictures of our family of 5 i can't believe i thought we were complete before. and i can't believe i ever was worried about having a child with ds. i just did not know. anything. i had never even been around anyone with ds, so i was so ignorant, so uneducated about all and anything to do with it. so i hope now we can help people realize how sweet our maggie rae is and how she and others like her are truly a blessing. HE certainly knows what HE is doing ...

so the warm and comfy bed is calling me since i know three little girls who will be up at sunrise ready to hit the beach :0)


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