our magpie

our magpie

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

dolphin day

we had a very impressive start to our second day at the beach...from our 11th floor balcony we watched 4 dolphins having a big time playing putting on a show for anyone lucky enough to watch. they were really close to the shore, about 50 to 75 feet and the girls were just in amazement watching them jump several feet out of the water. but of course both cameras were in the car :( this was a wonderful treat and totally free, courtesy of GOD :)

we are still enjoying beautiful sun-filled days and chilly nights. all three of our girls love the beach. the big girls have been building sand castles surrounded by water to protect the princesses inside....trying to catch sea creatures with nets...splashing in the tiny waves hoping they will get bigger before we leave! and the new thing to do this trip is see who can pick up the most 'tiny sand donuts'...they are the little holes in the sand just under a couple inches of water that are the entrance to the home of little sea creatures that look like little crabs/water bugs. and they look just like tiny sand donuts!

one of the tiny sand donuts perfectly picked up by miss rayley beth

a very proud rayley beth :)

our sleepy girl

our happy beach baby

emme grace hard at work

our girl finds her shadow EVERYWHERE!

after eating at red bar....

the view leaving red bar...also courtesy of GOD :)

so another great day and i have girls ready to go to the beach now and do it all over again!!

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  1. Oh.My.Word. Your family is GORGEOUS! Is it possible to be that gorgeous? Your photos are breathtaking!! What kind of camera do you use? Your girls are just beautiful- what a blessing! I am going back to read more, and become a follower. Can't wait to read more!!


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