our magpie

our magpie

Saturday, October 30, 2010

cuties in costumes

we have had a very busy week and a very busy weekend coming up! we have had class parties and pumpin carving and trick or treating on our town square...and it is not even halloween yet! and we have two parties going on today and more tomorrow :) soooo...i don't really have time to post but i had to share a few pics of our cuties in their halloween attire....

is this not the cutest little lamb you have ever seen!

our beautiful butterfly, spooky witch and loveable little lamb

this look was too funny not to post! not sure what was going on...it looks like she is going baaaaaa!

carving 'punkins' at our barn...as rayley beth says :)

one of the finished products

our little magpie loved being part of the whole pumpkin carving night...but she did not love ANYTHING about the pumpkin guts! i thought she might like to play in them...NOT!

so we have been having lots of fun round here and i have alot of pics to share from our buddy walk last weekend..which was a beautiful day by the way. lots to talk about and share but for now off to get ready for party #1.....have a great weekend and a happy halloween!


  1. that IS the cutest little lamb I have ever seen!!! She is such a doll, patsy, her eyes especially- she just oozes happiness:)

  2. thanks for finding my blog! your girls are sooo adorable! love the pics...(-:

  3. What a perfect song and beautiful faces!!! So precious!

  4. I found your blog through Joyce and Sarah's.. Your girls are adorable! I read your birth story and it brought tears to my eyes- very, very similar to mine. We are so lucky to have been blessed with our angels!


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